Sunday, May 10, 2009


Missing my mom and mil today:(

But to all you mom's out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

There are a couple different ways to be a mom, I'm a mom to fur babies. :)
But I congratulate all you mom's that have children, grandchildren or adopted children. It is a tough job being a mom. Many times you need to put your foot down, be the strict parent, be the taxi, the teacher etc. But I'm sure no one would trade it for anything different.

Again Happy Mothers Day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

An update

Just want to thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Most of you know my niece Holly was killed last summer. We now have learned the asshole has plead guilty and we will not have a trial. I thank God for this because now we can put this behind us, and keep Holly in our daily thoughts and help her children live their lives to the fullest. Holly may be gone but she will never be forgotten.

Miss and love you Holly!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Potato Peeling

Check this out do you think it really works? Do the potato's stay warm enough to eat? Do you have to warm them?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Easter Sunday/Easter Memories

Happy Easter to all, I hope you enjoy the day with family and friends.

I have an Easter Memory, Every Easter Sunday was always spent at our house with family members. Mom always took us shopping for a new dress, patten leather shoes and an Easter bonnet with those darn elastics that went around your chin to hold that bonnet on.
Lunch/Dinner has always been kielbasa, ham, boiled eggs, cottage cheese (for me :))
potato's, yummy breads and mom always bought butter in a shape of a lamb. It was so cute. Most of the family made and ate the Polish Easter Soup called Borscht.

It was always made in a huge pot, to this day I do not know why but I never had it. I guess I never liked the looks of it. But Jayne made some yesterday (she had to take some to my brother's) and today that is what is on the menu. So here is a photo, hummm what do you think? Have you ever ate Borscht?

So what are your Easter Memories??

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lucky, getting old and weather

It has been sad in our household for a couple of weeks. Our Lucky went to see Barq's and Kasha in doggie heaven. His poor heart gave out, he had conjestive heart failure and so we rushed him to the emergency clinic and there was nothing they could do. The nice doctor told us if we took him home, he would pass at any time and he possibly could drown from his own fluids. His lungs were also filling. So we left him there. But he has been creamated just like Barqs and Kasha.

I know it has not been that long but we have never not had a pet in the house for many many years and I feel guilty but I'm already looking for a new companion. I know there are lots of doggies that need a home.

I'm old or getting old!! This past week we closed one of our locations due to the plaza is crappy, bad neighborhood, lots of crime and declining economy. It was for the best.
But this old lady here had to tear down all the shelving. Our stores have a ton of product and it all had to be transferred to other locations. Okay that meant packing of 400 boxes and moving them. We have at least 400 shelves and plus the units that I tore down.
Now if you were to see my arms, hands, and legs you would think someone beat me up. LOL

All I can say is I'm glad it is over with. We have one month to vacant the building, but I had all my managers help pack the product and toss out the shelves after it was torn down and we did it in 3 days. Kuddos to my managers.

Now WTH is going on with our weather, today it is nice and sunny, still a little chilly in the 40's. BUT Sunday night that S crap is coming our way and we are to receive up to 6 inches. The weather men are usually wrong and I hope they are this time also. Come to think of it, a weather man can always lie to us and always be wrong and they don't get fired for it!

Well since I'm just babbling and I'm really not posting anything useful I guess I'll go take the clothes out of the dryer and add some more.

Have a great week.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm jealous

Okay most people will not admit they are jealous, but I will and I will also not be jealous anymore about this. LOL

Jeanne B makes me jealous. There I said it and she has no idea I feel this way. hehe
But I read her comments on Jayne's blog and the light bulb went off. Jeanne's blog is so cool and she puts tons of pictures on them and they are always beautiful. Okay I call myself a scrapbooker and a photographer. Well where the heck are my photos on my blog, why is my little awesome camera not with me more often. Time for a change!!

Jayne and I went to the gourmet markets and I should have had my camera. But believe me next time I will so my blog can have cool, pretty and yummy photos like that Jeanne chick. LOL And Joni I will shoot you an email, when your here you need to go. Its only maybe 45 mins or so from you.

Okay done venting....:) I could go on but then I would have to vent about work and you all don't want to hear about my 60 employees! UGH Most are pretty good but there is always those ones.

Well today I'm off and have a list a mile long so toodles.